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Matt and Natalee made friends fast and fit right in.

And the wives of Jug's group of close friends went out of their way to help us settle into our new community. Natalee was entering the eighth grade when we moved to Mountain Brook in Birmingham.

We dated for about three years before marrying in 2000.

Matt and Natalee absolutely loved his two older children, Megan and George, and looked forward to moving to the lovely bedroom community of Mountain Brook in Birmingham, Alabama, to join their new family and start their new life.

And I was fortunate to get a great job at one of the elementary schools as a speech pathologist in a center for children with special needs.

Wonderful friendships were cultivated with my colleagues there.

All my life, including seventeen years teaching in Mississippi and Arkansas, I have lived in culturally and racially diverse communities. It never occurred to me that it wasn't like that everywhere, because I simply never thought about it.

Mountain Brook, one of a number of municipalities that comprise the greater Birmingham area, is an affluent, almost all-white community of about 22,000.

I learned after only a few visits here that many people think if you live in Mountain Brook, you must be wealthy. And there are a handful of individuals who are heirs to construction, insurance, and the great iron and steel fortunes that were made in the early 1900s.

In May of 2005, Beth Holloway received the worst phone call a parent can imagine. Pillows with special sayings about friends and love and life.

Her beautiful daughter, Natalee, had disappeared without a trace in Aruba during her high school senior class trip. In the corner a purple-painted curio cabinet with four shelves holds all of her treasures.

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Steelmaking and the civil rights movement are the two historic characteristics Birmingham is known for worldwide.

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