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So when the Reggie relationship didn’t work out, it’s not a huge surprise Kim rushed into something new instead of embracing singledom.But here’s the thing about rebound relationships: they’re not supposed to last.A lot of people cling to mediocre relationships because they don’t want to get left out of group dates or be the only single friend.Similarly, people might stay with someone crappy because other parts of their life are rocky, or they’re going through some sort of major lifestyle shift.

Word on the street was that Reggie dumped Kim because he didn’t want to marry a motivated and career-focused woman. Meanwhile, Kim was feeling pressure to settle down because Kourtney Kardashian had just had a baby and Khloé Kardashian had recently married Lamar Odom.

Kim basically confirmed this on “Watch What Happens Live” over the weekend (more on that in a sec).

She felt pressure to settle down as her sisters progressed to married and/or mom life.

That sounds like Kim’s worst nightmare — but she ignored this red flag and sailed forth.

The bottom line is: sure, sometimes opposites attract.

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