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They kind of shrugged and said it’s a little annoying but it’s just the way it’s always been.Being called all the time sometimes made me feel uncomfortable.When I’m in the South, I often get the surprised “you’re not Brazilian” reaction.Especially since Asians generally don’t travel to Brazil nor do they work there.Even if they don’t personally know any, they know about them from watching the news or from recognizing famous Japanese Brazilians (politicians, architects..).When I am in the North, I’ve been asked if I’m (someone from Sao Paulo).My friend is mixed, her dad is “Japanese Brazilian” and her mom is “Brazilian” (racially ambiguous Brazilian look of black&white mix). After a couple hours of tolerating the “catcalls”, my friend had enough.Here’s her comment on a picture of my friend 3 other Asians. She’s a lot more feisty than I am and unleashed the f-bomb at them.

At the end, what surprised us, though,was when asked our two Japanese Brazilian friends how they felt about it.

On the other hand, there are some cultural similarities in the way people are raised.

Don’t be surprised if both of you have communication problems due to upbringing differences, as well as food preferences and other habits that can cause trouble.

To be fair, if you’re not friends with the person, some people many get upset by this (and I’m sure it also has a lot to do with tone), but the sensitivity is not to the extent as it is in the US.

An example on Facebook of a comment from my friend’s mother. ” (because Asians pronounce the “r” like “l”) taunts came I wasn’t so sure it wasn’t racism anymore.

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My first reaction is that how people view or interact with Asians largely depends on the region they are in.

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