How to troll on a dating website website for 11 year olds dating

We came to the joint realization that there has to be, I mean there just to be, a better way to meet people. But I guess we need to realize that no matter what people are looking for, it’s still the Internet, and for every sane and rational person there are probably five people just looking to make a stranger miserable through anonymity.

My aunt was the first person I had heard of who did online dating — you know, back in the day when it was still scary stuff and something only the "desperate" would do.I didn't realize I was under any obligation to respond to anyone, especially someone so rude.It was a horrible place to be, and when the week was up I deleted my profile.Not exactly what you want to hear from a stranger, but oh well.I was more concerned with the fact that he had time out of his day to legit troll me, as opposed to find love, as I assumed was his reason for being there in the first place.

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