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Only a small part of the west side of Sugarloaf (281 m) is included in the territory of Atholville.

New Brunswick Route 11 passes through the centre of the municipality south of the town from east to west: this road goes from Quebec in the west to Shediac in the southeast.

Atholville's population is mostly Acadian but there is also a substantial anglophone minority.

Campbellton railway station and Charlo Airport complete the means of transport in the region. The Cormier taxi connects Montreal to the Acadian Peninsula and has a stop in the village.The Intercolonial Railway, however, was inaugurated in 1876 and Anglophone merchants developed the forestry industry in the early 20th century.The village then experienced significant growth and was incorporated as a municipality in 1966.Butte Sugar, with a height of about 200 m, also extends into the territory of Tide Head and lies directly south of the built-up area of the town.South of Butte Sugar there is a valley and another mountain which extends into Val-d'Amours and Tide Head, whose height exceeds 230 metres in the Atholville portion.

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