Intimidating music songs

When a closer enters a game, it’s almost as entertaining as the game itself.

As the pitcher jogs to the hill from the bullpen, the videoboard will show the pitchers’s face, or silhouette, or simply his name.

Remember, before “Rappers Delight,” before Sugar Hill and Enjoy Records, the only thing in existence were the live tapes of Grandmaster Flash, Treacherous Three, Lovebug and the Crash Crew.

Those were the only thing in existence and “Funky Drummer,” “Apache,” “Good Times,” “Heartbeat”—these were the jams the DJs were playing while the MCs were running their mouths using the echo-chamber.

When we came out with that “Peter Piper” shit, it crushed everything they had on their minds.

Between that tour and those shows, how completed was the album and did the live reaction at those shows change anything about the album? When we did “Peter Piper,” we knew we had some shit. It’s funny that you talk about those Apollo shows, because when we were on that tour writing that album, it was kind of a mission.Then, the closer's signature song will blare from the speakers, causing fans to erupt and sometimes clap or sing along. Some pitchers go with music meant to psych out the opponent, while others go with something that creates a more festive atmosphere.Curious what each closer in the league decided to go with, we decided to rank the 26 best closer entrances.While is known for mixing the rap and rock genres, on “Is It Live” you bring in go-go music, which isn’t that popular outside of the D. When Prince passed on, it made me think back to Prince in 1986 being up on current events, hearing what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was and feeling that what we were doing musically was innovative., you’ve always been big on celebrating family and education. We didn’t say, “You need to go to school/And this-and-that or else/You young whipper-snappers! Johns University.” It’s spoken with an energy that listeners can relate to.When writing songs with a message, how did you make sure they didn’t come off as corny or preachy? It’s almost like I go back to being 15 every time I say it.

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Me and Run’s version of “Walk This Way” would have been with a typical hip-hop sample and talk about how good we were. It was hillbilly gibberish country bumpkin rap, and so far from us even to understand it would work for MCs.

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