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Each position filled by a woman at that job is -basically- one less body working.So, the rest of us did more work than we were otherwise supposed to. She wants a well-paying job (and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that), but they also want their husbands to earn more but this crazy nasty b*tch will never find a husband with all the lies she tells.None of these ideas are set in stone, however, and currently the app is free to use here.Trintme is not the only app to run off with the Bang With Friends concept in recent weeks.If you kind of liked the idea behind viral sensation Bang With Friends, the controversial Facebook app that lets you privately nominate friends you want to hook up with, but balked at the idea of using an app that’s all about – but the app is similar in spirit. Like Bang With Friends, the app works on top of Facebook, allowing users to privately indicate their interest in their Facebook friends or friends of friends using one or more simple icons that express how they feel.These include things from the more platonic “you’re cool” and the casual “let’s hang out” all the way up to the player-baiting “hook-up” and the seriously hopeful “romance.” The company worked with its advisors, Stanford Sociology professor Dr. Karen Ruskin, on the app and how to properly translate people’s feelings into these clickable emoticons.The company is basically bootstrapped, having won a couple of startup competitions following its participation in the Babson College Venture accelerator program.

I've worked manual labour jobs that required VERY heavy lifting, where my female coworkers would do far less work than the men, but they would get paid the same.Bang With Friends went viral because…well, it’s hilarious. But there’s a chance that it wasn’t just the joke that caught on with people – it may have also tapped into users’ dormant desire for a more dating-focused layer to Facebook.If that’s the case, then there’s potential for a new breed of apps to carve out a niche in the online dating market – a market that doesn’t always work.Sexual harassment and office-inappropriate rules don't apply to women. Men would never be able to act this way in the office. At the office, they just want to sit on their fat bums and gossip all day, and then cry "sexist" when they don't get promoted. Most women have no curiosity about the world..curiosity about science, politics, geography..only care about who's dating who, and dumb boring gossip.Women can talk about "hot guys" at the office, and they can openly say to their boss (in front of everyone else in the office)..."oh hire HIM. And yet women have the audacity to declare themselves smarter than men...(and no one regards this as sexist).

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“But I didn’t take the next step because I didn’t want to spoil another good relationship.” He candidly explains that his experiences with women didn’t typically go well back in those days.

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  1. The statuesque South African, whose previous boyfriend was actor Stuart Townsend, shared what she has learned about relationships in general. I celebrate him for being that—for being a normal, healthy little boy who likes to dictate me.” A single mom who is having the best time of her life raising a son, Charlize hopes that she is “part of the generation that will be the evidence of what I already know—that our idea of what perfect parenting is—is not necessarily true.