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Younger men, he says, willingly submit to having their reproductive ability reduced because they benefit socially from the older men, by forming alliances, and by gaining access to weapons or tribal lore.

The older men have also gone through the ritual, and seen their own reproductive effectiveness reduced.

In some African and Micronesian cultures, young men have one of their testicles crushed.

Male genital mutilation makes it less likely that a male will manage to father a child with another mans wife, Wilson says.

It could function to reduce a young mans potential to father a child with an older mans wife, he says.

When most uncircumcised males achieve an erection it pulls the foreskin back over the glans and back down the shaft of the penis, enabling the coronal ridge to do its business and scoop rival males semen away from the womans cervix. The idea could be tested by comparing the incidence of non-paternity between circumcised and intact males.It might also be the case that selection works at a group level, so that societies that enforce mutilation are more stable because of less conflict over paternity, Wilson says.David Barash, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, US, says that the paper makes a convincing case. Journal reference: Evolution and Human Behavior (vol 29 p 149) Evolution & Human Behaviour, May 2008, Vol 29, Issue 3, pp 149-164 Male genital mutilation: an adaptation to sexual conflict Christopher G.By Kurt Kleiner Circumcision and other forms of male genital mutilation have always been a puzzle.The ritual mutilations can leave the man vulnerable to infection and even death.

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There is subincision, for example, where cuts are made to the base of the penis.

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