Mistakes women make on dating profiles

I have heard that in Saudi Arabia, the natives see Americans there who came on a spiritual pilgrimage to Mecca, which they consider the spiritual center of the world.

This leads them to assume that most Americans must be desperate to leave their country to come to Saudi Arabia and Mecca. After all, that's what they see going on in their country.

In fact, there's really no such thing as a "Russian mail order bride" anymore than there is a Santa Claus.

You cannot just go online and "order" a wife or bride.

After all, that's what they see happening around them. Are they right that most Americans are trying to leave their country to find salvation in Saudi Arabia? They are doing the same thing you do, looking around their immediate surroundings and making snap judgments.

Therefore, their reasoning process is no different than yours. Now you should understand what I've discovered in Russia, which is that people in general there are not desperate to leave their country at all, which is what Saudi Arabians would discover about America if they came here.

Why can't people be naturally different or have different attitudes and behaviors without having ulterior motives or something fishy up their sleeve?

Furthermore, American women are not the default standard set by God for how all women should be, and thank goodness for that too. Out of them all, only ONE of them is eager to move to America (or perhaps Italy, she says). Do you really think that 1 out of 115 constitutes a majority?

And among the sincere women in marriage agencies, they are usually just considering it as an option, not basing all their hopes on it.

Their view is that they would consider moving abroad for the right man that they fall in love with, but relocating is not their primary objective.

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