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He was so hot and horny when Mike came down his throat.

Feeling his big dick enter his most secret spot and open up his anal cavity felt amazing.

Perhaps we should stay somewhere a little nicer when you bring her over.

Jack was hard just thinking about Brenda and her strap-on cock.

He was ready to have anal sex and be the giver instead of the receiver. While Mike was thinking of these thoughts, he grabbed some baby oil and poured in onto his cock.

He imagined Jack's cock high inside of his asshole while he jerked his big dick. He swiped his finger down on the cum to take a taste.

After about fifteen minutes of jerking off, he came all over himself.

Mike thought people liked to be doing things when he walked in. If he was having a good day, like when he met Jack, they might ask him to have sex with him. Both men grabbed each other's cocks and played with their dicks.

Put that fat dick into my mouth again." Mike pulled out of Jack's ass. Jack went on his knees and wrapped his lips around Mike's cock.

I want to taste that sweet ass of yours." Mike got on his hands and knees in the middle of the bed.

Mike was moaning and groaning while he played with his own dick.

I want to come inside of your asshole." "Do it now! He went back on his knees and teased Mike's asshole again with his tongue. Mike was making grunting noises while getting fucked good and hard. Jack just watched as he moved his asshole hard into his dick.

" Mike stood on the bed and they shared a passionate kiss. Jack helped Mike jerk his cock while Jack continued to thrust his dick faster inside of his asshole. Jesus." Mike backed up into Jack's cock and started to really move his ass.

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