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Though cast members have talked about how scripted the show actually was, Audrina says there were a lot of real relationships too.And despite what her on-screen ex Justin Bobby said about their romance being solely a "working relationship," Patridge says they were very much a couple in real life and not just for the show.

I want it to be unique, but not so out-there that she gets made fun of. I’m definitely delivering in a hospital, but other than that, I’m not sure. All I know is, the moment I feel my first contraction, I’m going to the doctor. I want to do a mermaid theme, and I’ve been trying to search for vintage and hand-crafted pieces. I want her to help the world be a better place—and to not make some of the same mistakes I did.

I dreamed I was at a pool party and going into labor and I couldn’t find Corey and I was crying and no one would help me.

The "Hills" alum took to her blog this week, for the 10 year anniversary of the show, to answer fans' burning questions about the beloved MTV reality series.

The mama-to-be also thought Justin and Kristin Cavallari's romantic storyline for the show was extremely odd.

"In the beginning I thought it was super weird and just plain random," she reveals.

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