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For information on current races, candidate platforms, and ballot forms, click on the links below.

TAFF - The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund - TAFF now its own (unofficial) website with news and details of the current race and much historical information compiled by Dave Langford. Back issues of TAFF newsletters are hosted at e Fanzines.

He found out those officials, for the most part, hate Kaepernick and his stance — literally ."I don't want him anywhere near my team," one executive told Freeman.

"He's a traitor."Said another exec: "He has no respect for our country.

26, marked the one-year anniversary of Colin Kaepernick choosing not to rise to his feet for the playing of the national anthem.

Lots of information on fan contributions, letters, artwork, etc., scans of all the covers, and a complete archive of Ken Slater's book review columns.

READ MORE By ​Tadd Haislop Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem in protest has exposed a divide in public opinion, among other effects.

That divide has been amplified via the Kaepernick conversation, which has transcended beyond sports and into national political discourse.

Visit the TAFF site for candidate platforms and the voting ballot.

Click here for photos from the TAFF party for Randy Byers in Walthamstow, England, 12 April 2003SF Hub - Liverpool University's subject portal for science fiction scholars is based on the wealth of research resources in the Science Fiction Collections of The University of Liverpool's Special Collections and Archives.

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Greg Pickersgill is compiling a web archive on the Club, and welcomes information and contributions.

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